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Entry Level Cardio Sweatshop: Rules are simple!. PUT IN WORK! A combination of step intervals and resistance training using a variety of equipment; bands, stability ball, medicine ball, and weights working at a mild level for the best cross training experience around. Stretching and cool down completes the package. These sessions are 45min

Sessions:  8   12    16     20
Price:    280   360  450  525 


TC-TOTAL: In a 1 hour time block in addition to your tailored training you will get a customize workout when you are not training with me. Also a meal plan that encourage a lifestyle change, creating a system that is practical , logical and easy to follow. A fitness assessment is also included in this package, which will include (body composition measurement, upper and lower body strength test and a cardio test

Sessions:  8   12   16    20
Price:     320 410 515  600

CONTENDER OR PRETENDER: A 1hr and 15min  High-Energy, traditional Boxing workout incorporating Shadow Drills, Sparring Combos, Jump Rope intervals and Punch Training injected with extra, followed by upper bodywork, Abs and cool down. This is a specialty training package.

Sessions:12  16   20
Price:    460 575 675


TC -2: For those who want to train with a partner, TC-2 offers two persons the opportunity to train together who share the same fitness vision, whether it is a friend, spouse, or someone we help team you up with, these are 45mins to 1 hour training sessions. It's a combination of  TC-TOTAL and CARDIO SWEAT SHOP, except two persons are working out together and helping each other reach their goals. Two people will split the cost of the total fee.

Sessions: 8 12
Price:   320 490

TC- 3: These personal training group sessions are set up using a buddy system to help hold you accountable in your personal training. TC 3 has three persons working together. Groups are set up around personal schedules and geared toward fitness goals and interests within the group. You will buddy up with another individual within your group with a commitment to hold each other accountable. (If one or more individuals misses a training session during a scheduled training time agreed on among the group the group will be charge for 1 session. Three people will split the cost of the total fee.

Sessions: 8   12
Price:    525   675

TC- 4: Same format as TC-3 just a bigger group. TC-4 has 4 people. Four people will split the cost of the total fee.

Sessions: 8   12
Price:    640  820

TC- 5: Same format as TC-3 and TC-4, A Bigger Group and More Support! Five people will split the cost of the total fee.

Sessions: 8   12
Price:   725   925

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